Deep thoughts

A work colleague that I considered to be a friend of mine was diagnosed with brain cancer early last year and spent the last 11 months fighting it. He fought it out of his brain and was all ready to come back to work, for the doctors to then discover it in his liver and kidneys….. we have been notified that he is now at the end of the road…. he is in his mid 40’s. He always was smiling and happy, supportive of everyone, kept himself fit and healthy, and gave nothing but love to everyone. It is always the nicest people this happens to. He would have made an amazing granddad to his 8 year old son’s future kids…

My moral of this story is; live your life how YOU want to. Don’t hamper yourself down with a job, mortgage, marriage, kids just because you are expected to do it. Life is so short.#

This is why I have handed my notice in at my job and 8 weeks will be going to Australia for a year then New Zealand….. who is to say that I will even make it to see retirement to do this?

There is more to life than getting paid a lot of money to sit staring at a screen using up most of your life.


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