Worry bear – India Visa

So I know that a lot of people have blogged about this before, but the stress of doing such a application by post is unbelievable, believe me. To be 100% honest with you though I am one of those well known breed of people, WORRIERS, if worrying was a Olympic sport most days I could probably come first place for team GB and win us many gold medals.

Anyway, as many people have said the India Visa Application website is really confusing to use, within the 10 page they want to know;

  • Your distinguishing marks (scars/freckles etc)
  • Where your parents were born
  • What countries you have visited in the past 10 years (don’t forget to check that you have all the countries that you have Visas or stamps in your passport for! I did and had to redo my application doh)
  • References in UK and India
    • If you don’t know someone in India you can use the hotel you are staying at apparently 🙂

As well as the above they are constantly asking what country you were born in, this is made 100% worse by United Kingdom always being at the bottom of the long list *sigh*. I am certain that I had to give United Kingdom about 10 times, including twice on the same page.

Once you have filled out the application form you then have decide if you want to post your application or attend in person.

I decided to send my application by post due to me working from 9- 5 Monday to Friday so perfectly the only days that the embassy is open! I kind of wish now that I did take it myself after all as you at least know that they received it, and they also check before sending it off for processing.

I posted it on Saturday and received a email today saying that a decision has been made *fingers crossed* it is all good news! My passport should arrive early next week eek. The stated time on their website is from 2 weeks so this is really quick!

One of the ways to scare yourself when worrying about the Indian application is reading other peoples horror stories, in fairness they were mostly bought on by stupidity; for example one gent decided to apply for his visa 4 months before he went to India (unadvised!) and got on the plane to India only to realise that they had only issued him with a 3 month Visa, not the 6 month Visa as requested! Lesson from this; always check the Visa when received!

I am hoping for a 12 month Visa so that I can go back next year with my boyfriend and experience the toy trains of India 🙂

This time next month I will have been in a Pune a day!

If any one has any advise for India it would be great to hear 🙂

Addition; I have now received my Visa and…. it’s for a year! Yes!