Corfu for a first timer

I must admit when my mother asked me to go with her to Corfu, I was a bit dubious about whether I would enjoy it. It might make me sound pretentious, perhaps, but I rather more enjoy places with lots of culture where I can visit museums/art galleries, climb mountains to tiny monasteries or tiny churches (both of these are laid out in Athens!) or stand with wide eyes looking at a awe inspiring show of mother nature (Niagra anyone? Halong Bay?).

The little inn we stayed in was based in Paleokastritsa on the West side of the island, this town was basically ‘Little England In Corfu’, everyone we met or spoke to was from somewhere in the UK. Some people quite like this, but me, I love mingling with the locals and seeing how they live. This is a heavily commercialised area with tons of coaches passing through everyday.

With hikers genes in my blood I was able to drag my mother out for walks of about 7 miles each day, this was around reading multitude of books (Kindle, I love you!) and eating our fill of food. It is hard to deny that there are some pretty areas on this side of the island, but not enough walks going to them. Some of the mountains looked just so intriguing, but nope, no paths going up them yet 😦

Nearly everyday we did walk up the small hill to the small monastery, it was quite pretty, overrun with cats, but far too many tourists!

That’s another thing about Corfu, and in fact every Greek country I have ever visited; they are overrun with owner-less cats and dogs. These poor underfed creatures wind themselves around your legs in restaurants wanting food and even follow you into your rooms! I do adore all animals, but stray animals you do need to be careful with, regardless of this there were quite a few adorable kittens who needed stroking.

We spent a week in Greece and somehow got away with spending only £250 including travel to Corfu town and back, entry to the Fort, food & drink and return bus journey to Corfu town bus station which is a short walk from the airport, plus buying gifts for our other halves. We did well!

The weather was okay for the first few days, then heavy rain when we were in Corfu town (I have never seen rain like it accept when I was in Rome!), then the rest of the week it was beautiful hot weather, lovely for September, but strange to go back to England just as the Autumn had dropped in.

I did really enjoy the Greek food however, and we did eat heartily, but i still ended up losing weight at the end of the week hahaha yay. My favourite were the Gyros, Greek pizza, moussaka, Niko’s BBQ, Stifado and Souvlaki, so everything I ate basically.

I must say that Athens is still my favourite of all he places that I have visited in Greece, so much to see, so much to do, so many steep hills to climb.

My overall feeling is that it was lovely to go and have a week relaxing with my mum in the sun, however I would probably never return to the island unless I do a boat tour of the Greek isles.



Shabby chic


Paleo Monastery


Inside the fort



View of Corfu town from Fort



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