Backpack review – Osprey Farpoint 40

Recently, as mentioned in previous post, I sold my Opsrey Wayfarer 70 and instead bought the Osprey Farpoint 40 as I found myself filling up the bigger backpack just because I could. Although I do miss the day pack!

After using it for my travels to the Lake District then onto Corfu I can safely say that it was the best idea in the world buying this bag. It holds everything I needed, including cold weather gear for Lake District and a travel kettle for tea in Greece.

I could have taken it on as hand luggage on our Thomson flight as it is EU sized, but as hold luggage was included I just dropped it off at the check in.

It is nice and light, easy to carry, the straps also adjusted enough so short ass me could carry the bag comfortably without hurting my back. I was able to stand for a while waiting for trains in the UK and also walk approx. 2 miles from the bus station to the airport in Corfu town. The net pockets on the outside were great for holding big 1.5L bottles of water though difficult to get out when walking along!

One let down is that is doesn’t have many small internal pockets for storing things in, unlike my boyfriends Osprey Porter 46 which has lots of storage pockets, but this isn’t a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.

Can’t wait to take this with me to India in a few months! My only worry is that according to Osprey’s measurements it is 4cm longer than Etihads allowed hand luggage sized, I am hoping that because it is squashy it will be fine 😉

Along with this I also bought the Osprey Stuff Pack which I used as a day bag; I was very impressed with how little it stuffed down into it’s own pocket, it was also comfortable to carry. The only downside it that it doesn’t have a internal security pocket and also the water bottle holder is useless for any bottles over 1 litre sized unless the bag is full. Overall it is a good bag if you want to travel lightly and don’t have much space but not really suitable for hiking!


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