Kendal, Cumbria, UK, Planet Earth

I have had a busy few weeks which included a brief visit to the most beautiful park in England and also a week in Corfu with my mummsy. Two destinations that made me appreciate the nature of this beautiful planet!

My mother has lived in Cumbria on and off for the past 10 years, once she even lived in the heart of the Lake District National Park surrounded by the most amazing walks; It was here that I spent my holidays away from uni, working in a tiny shop in Bowness, waitressing at the local golf course and taking the three family dogs on super long walks (on the return to the house they just used to collapse and sleep for hours!). I am pretty sure that my walks were often about 10 miles in length, not too bad for someone with very short legs ;).

One thing that I have always wanted to do is grab my dog (or bf!) and walk from hostel to hostel (or hotel to hotel) through the Lake District! This will have to wait until I return from my travels now as it will soon be winter and my bf is having surgery 😦

Anyway, my mum lives again in the centre of Kendal within walking distance of Kendal castle which has a lovely steep climb up to it, great for the legs! In order to go away with her to Corfu I had to catch a train from London Euston to Oxenholme, this journey alone takes about 3.5 hours even on the very fast Virgin trains, add that to another around 1hr to get from where I live in Horley to London, it is in all a long journey from the lower depths of England up to almost the top of the country. I know that 4.5 hours probably doesn’t seem much when compared to train journeys in Canada perhaps or Australia (the Ghan takes 54 hours to cross the country, wahhh?).

One of the first things I did upon arriving in Kendal is grab the three doggies and take them up to the previously mentioned Kendal Castle, it is very picturesque up there, you can see all the cute grey stone buildings and cottages. (Apologises for the quality of the images below, these were taken on my phone!)

On the the Sunday me, my step-dad and my mum took the dogs for a lovely walk in the heart of the Lake District close to  where my mum used to live, I took loads of photos on my camera as the area is so gorgeous, check them out below!


The reason why I am so into walking and the outdoors is all down to my parents, I maybe 27 but I didn’t grow up going to theme parks (I have never been!)or being allowed to watch tv or play on gamestations all hours of the day, I grew up cycling outdoors and going on long walks to get rewarded with a ice cream at the end; this has led to my love of walking and exploring, yay 🙂

Now to find new places to hike in the rest of the world!


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