Life changing decision – bye bye UK

It is a certain mindset that you have to not just dream about jacking in the day job and travel, but actually plan to do it; I have 6 months left until I leave the UK with or without the support of my employers. I am feeling a bit anxious but mostly extremely excited.

I am feeling anxious mainly because we live in a society that says that you have to go to university, leave and get a good job, get married, buy a house, have kids, work hard all your life… then retire. This is a society that is still kind of trembling from the last recession where we are all told to keep hold of any job we can get and consider ourselves lucky, it is not a society that looks fondly on those who quits a job because they think that they want to do something more exciting with their lives…

A bit about me; I have been working with my employers for 4.2 years and worked my way up from the shop floor to the head office and have thus undertaken no less than 4 roles in this time including working 3 years in the clothing buying team and am now developing clothing for the company; I am inspiration to those stuck on the shop floor and a envy to my peers who are stuck working in dead end jobs. What is my problem you ask? You are doing a job in the sector that you always wanted to work in???

Well, I am petrified of getting stuck where I am just because I get a decent wage and then waking up when I am 70, wealthy having had no kids, owning my own home, having enough money to travel the world….. only to find that I am too old/weak to do anything that I want to do with my life. I would rather wake up at 70 with a smile on my face knowing that I lived my life how I wanted and took risks….. travelled and experienced life to the full, and can now rest.

Talking to my boss a few days ago… he said that his biggest regret is never living abroad… and now he is nearing 50 with two kids, a mortgage… and no way to ever live his dream.

So all of the above has accumulated in me deciding to use the rest of my 20’s to see the world and actually experience life instead of being stuck in a job. Who cares if you don’t have a career when you are working in somewhere hot and sunny!


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