Preparing to travel… Perfect bag

I am really looking forward to what the future holds for my exploring of the world; next month I am visiting Corfu for a week then for 3 weeks over Christmas I will be in India experiencing a Hindu wedding then exploring the country, exciting!

So in preparation foospreyr my travels I have bought a brand new travel specific backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 40 in a beautiful blue colour. I chose this bag because it is the perfect sized bag for carrying on as hand luggage, and will be easier for my petite frame to carry than other rucksacks (more about that later), also I am of the mind that the more space that is available the more things I can take with me so less space is better.

I am thinking of combining this with the ultra packable Osprey Stuff Pack which fits into it’s own little pouch and thus makes obeying the ‘one carry on’ rule much more easier to bend with. It comes in 4 zazzy colours and in ripstop waterproof fabric, perfect!


When travelling it is always much easier and nicer not to carry much more than you can hold on your back.

My experience with Osprey bags stems from my time working in the sports industry, my first Ospre
y bag was a cycling back pack which survived much rough treatment by both me and the weather.

In my mind a good quality backpack is important for all occasions and Osprey offer THE best bags for travel; they are functional and attractive too, I strongly suggest in investing in one.

Before buying the Farpoint I have gone to Vietnam, Hong Kong anosprey2d Canada with the Osprey Wayfarer 70 which is the ultimate backpacking bag which comes with a removable 20l day pack and is women’s specific. (The headline photo is of me wearing the day pack, looks cool huh?)


Me on the way to airport to catch flight to Vietnam

I bought this bag because it was widely reviewed as the best bag for backpacking around the world and also I, naively perhaps, thought that I needed as much room as I could get.

From all the travelling it has only obtained a bit of dirt and one rip in a side drinks pocket, thanks to luggage handlers when coming back from Toronto!

The main bag has stood up to some of the worse treatment I have ever seen; it has been hauled on and off buses and planes by rough handed peeps through a 3 week tour of Vietnam, and survived intact, then suffered through 3 days in Hong Kong.

The friend that I went on the Vietnam tour with rocked up with a Argos own brand version of this backpack which was a one 1/8th of the price and fell apart 1 week into the trip, needless to say that I had to battle to hide my smug smile as i hoisted up my brand new looking backpack to continue the trip without having to try and mend a overloaded broken bag.

On this note; never overload your bags, even the strongest can break when put under too much pressure and the weakest will fail very soon 🙂

The things I love about the Wayfarer 70 bag;

  • The main bag is like a suitcase and full unzips from the front
  • Removable day pack with many pockets (including tablet pocket)
  • Day pack can clip to the shoulders of the main pack for ease of access in airports
  • Day pack has comfortable padded straps and is great to carry all day
  • Main bag has loads of pockets including 2 waterproof for wet items
  • Zip away adjustable harness that can be adjusted to fit all torsos then stowed away to be saved from being broken by rough handed luggage peeps
  • It’s amazing quality and can last for years
  • Can fit in a lot of stuff (just don’t overload!)
  • All zips are easily lockable
  • Can be wiped clean easily with water and detergent and thus look as good as new!

Things not so good;

  • If you are petite you may be more comfortable with a smaller backpack as when heavy you can be very unbalanced; The harness feels like it needs more ability to be adjusted
  • Too much space so that I feel inclined to fill it up 😉
  • Doesn’t have any external water bottle pockets (but plenty of space inside for big water bottles)




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