Spring is here!

It has been a while since I posted last but as the sun has come out… I have scarped out of my hibernation…. I have not been idle I assure you. Just this weekend I partook in a trip to Brighton and found myself coming home loaded with fabrics to make something pretty special. These fabrics include a pair of vintage curtains, second hand dog tooth check fabric and two brand new shop bought fabrics… it totalled to around £50 for approximately 20 odd metres of fabric in all… bargain! Another of my bargain buys was a shirt dress pattern for just a £1… kerching! Looks like I will be ‘frocking’ myself out for this summer in a multitude of garish prints… can’t wait! I plan to make blouses and skirts also and perhaps a lovely blazer for summer..

Vintage curtain

As I was in Brighton with my mother, and the coat I made, I decided to take both onto the pier to enjoy the sea air; rough and rainy this March day, and whilst we were there we got photographed by a photography student due to us looking rather different to the average persons! Muchly surprised! Must be my mum as we always get photographed when we are together 😉

Btw in case you are wondering why my coast looks different… I added a lovely faux fur collar to it for the winter and it keeps my neck extremely snug!

Vintage dog tooth check fabric

Ciao for now,

I shall update you, my lovely blog, as I progress in my shirt dress making!


My two new shop bought fabrics…. gorgeous!


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