New Year New Clothes! Ohh no bank account..

Hello! Happy New Year! I am ashamed that I have not used my blog in such a long time but the time seems to have flown by like a pigeon because chased by a very mad cow… so much has happened! I have planned a trip to Vietnam and Hong Kon with a university friend for 3 and a half weeks, eeeeeek just need to get it booked!

In case you haven’t noticed we are in throws of the January sales which means lot of bargains are to be had….. as it is well noted I do love a good bargain and there is no where better to get said bargain than at Asos!

Below are a few things that are getting me excited in their sale;

I do love nothing more than a snug peacoat….
except a COLOURFUL snug peacoat! If
this wasn’t yellow it would be snuggled in my
wardrobe right now…
These gloves are so adorably cute! I want! I want!
This poodle sweater is perfect for wearing with high
waisted skirts and will clash perfectly with
everything 🙂
I looooove this frock, perfect for grunging up during the
day with a oversized sweater or cardi then popping on
some heels for date night!

Those of you who know of my love for wacky bags will not be surprised by my love for this!
I do love a good skirt (I have around 12 of them
in my wardrobe at least) and a lovely plaid skirt
is always a healthy addition. Where with a old tee
for laid back cool and a pair of dark glasses!
This jacket looks so edible! Fluffy tick, biker style tick,
cropped so will look great on a petite frame… tick!
In summer I am not keen on having close fitting garments on my body as I usually end up as one giant sweat bag!
I love the look of this blouse as it is so loosely fitted, will also protect my pale shoulders from the sun 🙂

 Bye for now!

Becksy x


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