My new winter coat (made by me)

A few weeks ago I mooched down to Brighton with my Cambridgeshire friend. I do love that place! So many cute little boutiques down hidden alleys and such quirky vintage stores! Anyway, I came across this fabric shop called Ditto fabrics and decided to slip inside. I was in need of fabric to make some new clothing with and there on a table were bundles and bundles of end of lines fabrics which were screaming to be bought and made into something gorgeous.

The first thing I spotted was this gorgeous blue and yellow plaid ( I do adore plaid) which wanted very much to be made into a lovely jacket for winter, then I spotted 3 different bundles of jersey material that needed to be made into pretty long sleeved dresses! I also came home with some light cotton floral material for a blouse :).
Promising myself a lazy weekend this weekend I did nothing but read my book until lunch then got drawn in by my materials to make something out of them.
The end result is this coat made from a modified 90’s Vogue pattern; it took 3 toiles for it turn out perfect enough to cut the final fabric.
Toile 1 was made out of original pattern to see how I could modify it to make it fit better; there was fabric enough for the huge padded shoulders and tiny waist which was the style of the time. These I reduced down by measuring my shoulders and cutting the shoulders down to fit and pulling the jacket up so that the side panels fitted appropriately against my bust and shoulder blades. This involved me straightening up the seams on the side panels to get rid of the bulky material giving the jacket a more tailored fit.
Toile 2 was where I recut the calico with the changes made above to see how the fit was improved then 
Toile 3 was me adding length to the jacket to make it cover a bit more on colder days
Modifying patterns is easy if you no how and undertaking the making of a jacket yourself requires prior experience of making such things to succeed and some understanding of how to fit a lining (I made a unlined blazer at college). 
Me being a rebel I love that the plaid doesn’t match up properly making it seem much more punky! I also ran out of material hence it being made out of many different fabrics, I love it though! All in all it took about 1 day to make the coat from toiling to finish and cost around £15 for all the materials
If you are interested in the making of the coat I have posted a few photos below of it at various stages
What I used;
Large table
2 metres of plaid
2 metres of material for lining (preferably something silky but I used cotton and jersey for warmth)
1 metre of fabric for contrast collar and back lining
1 metre of interfacing for collar and lapels
1 roll of wrapping paper for cutting pattern
Dress making scissors
Paper scissors 
Pattern master (or basic ruler would do)
Tape measure
Needle to hand sew hem and collar


What I wore last week – New Season H&M

Hey…. you… yeeeeeah…. YOOOOUHOO

I know you want to see what I wore last week to work…. I know you do!…. You don’t…??? Oh well I am documenting it for me anyway 🙂

Like most ladies I do get overly excited at a whiff of the new season stock arriving into my favourite stores; H&M is one of my favourite stores; it has a great very diverse range with as much colour as you want and as many clashing prints as you care to wave a stick at. I love it! Here’s me with my key new pieces from the new seasons range!

Funky clashing print; Blouse from H&M and skirt from boutique in New York
Pouty cycling commute gear; pouty lips (my own), baselayer from Helly Hansen and skirt from H&M

Blouse from Forever 21 and knitted trousers from H&M

Blouse from Forever 21 and knitted trousers from H&M

 I normally cycle to work in what I will be wearing unless the day is super warm or the top I want to wear isn’t very breathable in which case I merely choose to wear a baselayer to cycle in then swap it for the top on my arrival at work…. only takes seconds to change and makes you feel much fresher!

Becksy Lou xxx

Things to do in London – Imperial War Museum

These weeks are passing so rapidly!

Chain Mail shirt cool huh?
It seems just two days ago that I was at the Imperial War Museum in London… what’s that? Oh yeah sorry I was there two days ago! An awesome place to look around if you are ever down Waterloo/Elephant and Castle way in London. The plan was to pop into the museum then grab some lunch then hop across Waterloo bridge to the Tate Britain…. that didn’t quite happen…
It has actually just reopened after being closed for refurbishment and it can’t be any better in the main galleries in my opinion! An entire day is needed just to see this museum so it isn’t wise to plan anything else! Just 2.5 hours was spent just looking in the First World War galleries (you need a ticket to get into these; it is free!) then a further 2.5 hours at least needs to be dedicated to the Holocaust galleries at the top of the building. Me and the more eccentric half did not quite realize how much there was to see here! We will have to come back just to continue our tour 🙂
For my day in South London I decided to crack out my new lace skirt (from Ebay) and a grey ribbed v neck tee from Miss Selfridges. (yeah I know my mirror needs cleaning)

 Becksy Lou xxx

Athens – Day 2

Filoppapou Monument

Apologises to my blog for not posting about my various activities whilst in Athens for the rest of last week. I merely find the Andriod App very hard to use; it is always much better to navigate these things on a laptop 🙂


Day 2; we visited not two but four (technically five) archaeological sites in Athens… we even had the pleasure to meet a tortoise on our travels!
We first of all ambled over to the rather stout hill Filoppapou which is situated just across the road from the Acropolis and is, according to the guide books, a treasure that is often left unexplored by tourists. 
There are tons of things to look at on the way up including Socrates (apparent) prison and a rather pointy monument at the top which is dedicated to Gaius Julius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappos. This hill is marvellous if you wish to see the Acropolis from a level angle and gives great views over Athens and towards the port of Pireas on the coast.
Down the other slope is the Theatre Doras Stratou, the observatory and some well signed ruins of an ancient public meeting place. 

Socrates prison

After spending the morning walking around we ambled back central for lunch then explored the Ancient Greek Agora (Greek Forum) which really was a real treasure hot spot. It has both a temple that is fully intact and a tiny church which has been renovated and contains beautiful wall paintings! Well worth a look.
Next on our list was a visit to the Roman Forum which was mostly in ruins with the exception of the clock tower and another building which were both unfortunately covered up for repair. My compainion wanted to visit to compare it to the one in Rome!
We then tottered through Plaka to find the very well disguised tourist information centre (no sign out the front to say what it is) to plan out a trip to the Ancient city of Korintha. As we were nearby we paid a visit to the Temple of Zeus which captured our attention from the day before as it in direct view of the Acropolis and stands out because of it’s artfully fallen column. To get to the entrance one has to pass past Hadrians gate which is yet another important monument from Roman times. 
Every street in Athens seems to have at least one archaeological site or monument which is great; there is no escaping Greece’s phenomenal past and their history of greatness!

Ancient Greek Agora

Loved it 🙂 will come again, Becksy xxx

Ancient Greek Agora

Roman Agora

Temple of the Olympian Zeus
Temple of the Olympian Zeus from the Acropolis

Hadrian’s Gate

Athens = Graffiti love

Right, so the first thing that I noticed about Athens, after the heat, is that they have quite literally the most graffiti that I have ever seen in a city! Apparently laws against graffiti aren’t fully enforced in Athens apparently due to lack of man power. There are some weird wacky and wonderful ones that I have seen; a street artists dream!