Athens the story – day 1


Well…. I am quite the jet setter this week. After returning from Germany on Friday me and Miss E (a friend from uni) flew out to Athens for a week of sun, history and culture.
Athens is a city which I have always wanted to visit; it has a history that goes right back to Ancient times with the Acropolis being over 5000 years old! It also once was the centre of the world for education, art and philosophy not forgetting their impressive selection of gods and goddesses!
I have visited many of the Greek Islands and found some of them lacking culture (Zante) and others too rainy (Samos) and others very beautiful (Kefalonia) but so far Athens has perfectly stunned me.
Walking out of the metro station on Saturday night the warmth hit us and our first sight of Athens was bustle on the streets, warm light from everywhere, graffiti galore and the sound of Greek music creating an ambience that brings pleasure to the senses.

Soooo our first day in Athens we wandered over to the Acropolis then to the Acropolis museum where we were overcome with the amount of things to see. The monument was packed with sights as was the museum; walking boots were the choice for today as we did walk a lot! Tea was taken in a flask to keep me alive.

Well worth the trip!



One thought on “Athens the story – day 1

  1. Hi I have been following your blogs with fascination of your unique fashion style;it always makes me smile and admiration of your uniqueness. Your boyfriend is a very lucky guy I am jealous of him!
    Anyway your holiday blog and this bike thing is departure from your usual style but I am finding I like it very much as it helps me to learn more about you. Very well written Thanks for continuing to make me smile.


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