Eurobike – a fashionistas view

Thursday after work me and two colleagues left the office, jumped on a plane to Zurich from Gatwick then proceeded to spend 2 hours in a car to get to our hotel in Germany. ‘Why you make such a trip?’ You ask…. ‘we were going to Eurobike to scout out new products to stock’ I reply.
Eurobike is quite simply the biggest bike show on the planet; it has all sorts of weird and wonderful items that are sometimes too wacky and unconventional for the mainstream market and thus just end up being photographed as works of art!
Some of my favourite things I saw at the show are below; I mostly have an eye for colour and anything that is a bit quirky or girly.
My favourite item by far was Egg Helmets by a Dutch brand and made in Holland also! They come in two sizes (supposedly for kids only!) and covers and clip ons are bought separately to customise the helmets as much as you like. 
The polka dot pink one with crown are awesome!

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