Commuting by bicycle…. a guide for the rain

Gore Bike Wear Ladies Element Jacket

Well today was one of those days that us Brit’s are very familiar with; cold, rainy and windy with a bit of extra cold and a lovely grey sky. On days like today I still cycle to and from work (the only time I don’t cycle is if it is too dangerous due to snow or flooding) with my work outfit either wrapped up in a carrier bag in my rucksack or safely in my waterproof pannier bags.
On a regular day I would just cycle in my work outfit (dress, jeans whatever) but wet days require extra care. No one wants to sit in the office all day soaked to the skin smelling and looking like a wet dog!

Endura Thermolite
Women’s Jacket

My outifit of choice for my cycling commute today was my 2 year old trusty thermal/water resistant pad-less cycling tights which hold up really really no matter how hard the rain gets (these are amazing in snow too!), a baselayer to keep me cool and my other trusty friend; the Gore-Tex waterproof jacket!

Helly Hansen Women’s

Plus some rather bright lights of course to keep me seen in the greyer weather and some overshoes that fit on normal shoes to keep my DM’s dry plus clear glasses to keep the rain out of my eyes :). It’s not yet cold enough to require gloves; thankfully!

Most cyclists may complain that cycling doesn’t need special equipment, which is on the whole very true unless you are cycling further than 10 miles and going fast, I normally agree with this statement accept when the weather is either really hot (don’t want to make my own clothes sweaty), really wet (don’t want to make my own clothes wet) or really cold (don’t want to make my own clothes sweaty due to not being breathable and they aren’t warm enough). There are some situations where having the correct kit is a life saver and if you treat it well it is only something you have to stock up on once 🙂



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