Quick cushion cover! No zips!

Well… I have had a cushion hanging around for almost a year waiting for one of my existing cushions to give up on life so it could earn itself a case to live in. So today I decided to make it a cover using some fabric left over from my clothing projects just so it could get some air into its lungs and see the light of day!
As I am not a huge fan of putting zips into things I decided to skip the zip and take inspiration from the pillow case to make my cushion cover.
First I measured the width of my cushion (16 inches) then added an extra 5 inches to one side which will become the ‘lip’ to hold the cushion in (seam allowance is only required for this if you have a particularly plump cushion as mine was rather airy I didn’t need to bother adding seam allowance). Then I cut a square from the other fabric just 16 inch to become the front: turning over 2 cm at the end which will be the opening to make it neat. Then placing both fabrics good side together I sewed down the 3 sides that aren’t the opening sewing 1 cm from the edge, then turned out the cushion cover, ironed flat then stuffed in the cushion and it’s done! Simple home decor…. why spend ton’s on a cushion case when you can spend nothing 🙂

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