What I am wearing today (transitional fashion!)

If any one actually reads my blog; right now you may thinking that I am a bit self obsessed to assume that anyone would be interested in what I am wearing today but I just want to document my more quirky of looks for reference in future when I am old and grey…. like a diary you would suppose!

Back to the post… today is very sunny but is still somewhat bloody cold here in England so my look of choice involved a LOT of layering to keep me snug. I don’t know how opposed everyone is regarding socks over tights but I find it keeps my feet extra warm and helps fill out shoes that are used to socks rather than the thinness of tights. I also find that it is a good way to add a bit of quirky colour or print to what can sometimes be a bland palette of colour.

What I am wearing (in case you are interested) skirt from charity shop, tee shirt from Pull and Bear, bag from Accessorize, cardigan from Forever 21, tights from H&M, socks from Primark, shoes from Assos and sunglasses from Oakley. I think my green alien approves of my look today!
Ohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhh another item of clothing to add to my winter wardrobe arrived today courtesy of  a lovely Ebay seller; this Jack Wills jumper retails at around £60 when bought new…. I acquired mine for a mere £15 including postage and the jumper looks barely worn!. Made of lambs wool this snug jumper will keep me warm on the coldest days and will look awesome worn over a bright printed shirt. Prep prep it up.
Be careful with the sizing when buying these jumpers second hand as the one I bought was a size UK 10 but due to being washed incorrectly by the previous owner it now fits a UK 6 or very snug UK 8. These jumpers are hand wash cold only! 
Gloves up to a very fashionable winter

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