Altering/reinventing my teddy coat

Sooooooooo the teddy faux fur coat that I got on Ebay last week went under scrutinisation today to reinvent it and make it a bit more wearable; One of the main issues was that because the jacket is double breasted it had TWO layers of the thick fur material at the front creating extra unwanted bulk.
I resolved this by removing the buttons, sewing up the button holes and letting the jacket hang loose…. it looks so much better and more expensive just from doing that! Also because the button holes are sewn closed the fabric moults less (have you ever really seen a faux fur jacket with button holes? Nope me neither due to the moulting I expect!).
I didn’t have to take it apart after all! Yay!
It now looks like a classy oversized coat which I can wear with pretty much anything; dress up jeans and a tee shirt on weekends or great for a night out over a beautiful dress. Snug as a bug in a rug! I do adore this £15 jacket…. amazing yet stylish bargain. Bring on the colder days 😉


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