The first day of Autumn (kind of) where’s the summer gone??

If you have been living in England for the summer you would have felt the recent sudden shift towards very wintery weather. Though it is 19 degrees outside it feels very cold! Today was the first time in many months that I had to crack out a pair of knitted tights to keep me snug at work. I don’t know about you but working in an office where the only rule is ‘no flip flops’ makes it extremely difficult to know what to wear for work. Most people go down the safe route with jeans and hoodies (the office is 80% blokes) and the few ladies dress is the same attire with the thought of ‘why bother looking good when the guys don’t bother’. With my love for colour and print I am considered somewhat of a misfit in a office that loves grey and black! The amusing thing is that the way I dress at work would be considered ‘safe’ in any fashion office!

Today I wore a pink knee length chiffon dress with a Peter Pan collar from Forever 21, a green cardigan from H&M, making the look not to twee with wedge trainers from New Look, belt and tights from Forever 21 and Oakley sunglasses (my new loves!). I was channelling a more geek yet quirky look  :-). 
Ever since I have started wearing glasses for computer use I have started to geek it up more with my work style too! Awesome! I am perfecting the geek look!

I would love to wear long flowing dresses but with me clothing has to be practical to survive the cycle rides to and from work and also be pretty hard wearing to survive the friction with the bike saddle.

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