Things I love – books & my bicycles

One thing that I have always always loved ever since I was big enough to hold one; is reading books. Not a day in my life goes by that I don’t read a book from my trusty sturdy £5 charity shop bookcase. There is nothing that I would rather be doing on a cold winter evening than being engrossed in a good book! One of the most inspiring books that I have read recently is the biography of Roald Dahl by Donald Sturrock ‘Storyteller; The Life Of Roald Dahl’. Like many children all over the world I grew up reading Dahl’s books and loved their dark humour and the general theme of the children always getting one over the adults; most adults in Dahl’s books were evil vile creatures who hate children.
He led a very interesting life from his various adventures at school to his time in the RAF to his time as a spy in Washington for Britain during the war; I learnt a huge amount that I never even knew before about my favourite author! If you have read his autobiographies Boy and Going Solo then you will be somewhat disappointed, like me, to discover that a lot of his experiences he fictionalized or exaggerated in his true style. It really leads you to think; what was real? What was made up? His main goal with all of his writing and the things he said was to challenge and push the boundaries of what was excepted./accepted, there is nothing at all wrong with that from what I see. Be yourself no matter what. Challenge the world! Anyhow; the book is well worth a read. Other favourites have been the Tales of Narnia (not the films), Harry Potter (not the films) Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ (the series was pretty good too), The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Triology (the films were pretty good because they had Alan Rickman doing the voice of the tired robot and Zooey Deschanel who is awesome).
I generally can read pretty much anything depending on my mood from rom com to crime to thriller to sci fi to classics to biographies. It is all about the mood.

One of my other favourite places to spend time (other than huddled near my bookshelf) is riding my noble steed. Her name is Rosebud and she is a 6 month old Norco Cityglide customized with a ginormous basket, bottle holder, rear rack and a beautiful Brook’s saddle. ‘My one my only my true love in bicycle form!’ Great for picnics in the woods and day trips to the sea, perfect also for commuting to work whilst wearing a pretty dress. I need to take some photos of my beautiful commute to work!
Want this! Vintage Raleigh Chopper Bike; how hip to the hop is this??? Just attach a ghetto blaster to the back and away you go!
This coat would be awesome! So snuggly and cute… t’is a pity it isn’t available to buy yet 😉 would look cute with jeans and a woolen jumper for when it gets cooler

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