The development of my winter wardrobe…. yay! On the cheap ;)

Yeah yeah I know it is only August and we have yet another month to go of sunshine and warmth (fingers crossed!) But I always get so excited about Autumn/Winter fashion that I stock up early on the pieces I want to be wearing through out the season…. at bargain prices too! You see; if you shop out of season in sales, on ebay and in charity shops you are always going to come out with a bargain 🙂 coats for £20 instead of £80 and jumpers for a fraction of their price!
AW14 has made me more excited than normal for the cold days… I can’t explain why! The pieces that I have so far added to my wardrobe for the season ahead are below… just need that perfect winter coat to top it off 🙂

You can never have too many long sleeve stretchy tops, classic grey tops or blouses for winter. I love layering layering layering! Blouses over long sleeve tops under jackets with jeans and knee high boots with layers of scarves and hats and furry gloves…. bliss!
The top two tee’s I acquired for £1.50 each in a charity shop in Lewes and the front two were in the sale at Asos for £20 together 😉 great savings
I love girly skirts and dresses and my hem lines have crept down this year! Ignore people if they say that just because you are petite you can’t wear maxi dresses and skirts…. they lie! Remember the saying; ‘it isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it’. This skirt was £15 on Ebay and brand new, fits like a glove and will look awesome with a big chunky knit jumper and my stompy old Dr Marten boots
This pretty little skirt is yet another charity shop bargain (just £1.50!) it will look amazing with my navy knitted tights and the lilac blouse worn over the mustard stripe long sleeve top…. amazing!

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