My Dr Martens – best shoes in the world!

As is the case with jeans once every two or three years I need to get a new pair of DM’s to add to my collection. This year’s purchase was these beauties. What better to do on a rainy Sunday then clean your shoes! 
My ‘old’ Dr Martens are just over two years old and are perfect for winter! I have just polished them up so they are ready for their third winter; they will look amazing with my new maxi lace skirt! I wear my DM’s literally everyday through autumn, winter and into the cooler days of spring. So comfortable and always in style! 
My first pair of DM’s lasted a full on 10 years before needing to be replaced. If you don’t yet own a pair I strongly suggest you get some! 
They come in so many variations of colours but if you are going to wear them everyday I would suggest going for a softer leather pair (like my burgundy pair below; patent leather rubs badly!) then they don’t leave the backs of your feet raw after even years of use 🙂

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