My first home made skirt; Campervan galore

Well I have owned my sewing machine for around 7 years now ever since my first year of the fashion degree at Uni…. for the past two years I had pretty much carted it from one premise to the next as I relocated slowly out of London to the sticks of beautiful Surrey. Well, anyway, after all this time I promptly had a burst of creativity two weeks ago; dragged out my still working sewing machine, threaded up then proceeded to make a skirt or three! (Toiling first of course as taught at uni to ensure pattern works)
The results of my sewing adventures are below! These skirts only take 3 hours at the very very most to put together and don’t require any huge skill (no darts complicating things) šŸ™‚

This one was made using the full circle skirt method of cutting a circle cutting a circle in the middle, adding a waist band then popping a zip up the back. As this particular material only works in one direction I actually cut two half circles and sewed together at the sides. A great colour for summer!
This skirt is my favourite yet; so easy to do! Just two rectangles gathered down one length, sewed together at sides, add waist band that measures a bit bigger than your hips, feed in elastic and your done. I actually added some huge pockets into mine as I adore them so much!

All my fabrics thus far are off ebay but I will be paying the fabric shops in Shepherds Bush (London) a visit soon to acquire more for further projects.
Happy weekend everyone!


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